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About us

Cottage is situated on a beautiful Gilušis lake shore, from all sides it is surrounded by forests and lakes. The eastern side of the farmstead is adjacent to the rivulet Strėva, the western to the forest. It is just 7 metres between the sauna and the lake. All farmstead area (0.6 ha) is fenced.

Farmstead can be found next to Strėva village, just 40 km away from Vilnius and 16 km from Trakai. Cottage is built in Aukštadvaris Regional Park, so there are many tourist attractions and extraordinary natural beauty places around.
In the farmstead about 40 people can stay at a time. There are 12 bedrooms, a spacious banquet hall, outdoor terrace with a fireplace and a large arbour and a special room for the newlyweds. Cottage is equipped in a modern way: it has well-equipped kitchen and bathroom, satellite TV, stereo system, projector.
Vacationers are provided with all necessary items for recreation, boats and the bridge are available. In the arbour on the lake shore with a fireplace you can enjoy campfire smoke fragrant delicacies. Active recreation lovers can play beach volleyball with site being only 10 meters away from the lake. Fishers aren’t left out: the lake is rich with a wide range of fish.

It is the perfectly suitable place for rest, closed evenings, weddings, company celebrations, conferences, seminars.

You are welcome all year round.

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